All the Cozy Things, #1

All the Cozy Things, #1


Growing up, I shared a bedroom with my brother, who is four years younger than me.  Yep, the annoying little brother.  It was a small room, and I never really had a spot to call my own, so I went in search of one.


In the living room, there was an overstuffed chair in one corner, which left a nice little triangle of space behind it.  I was probably about eight when I decided it was the perfect spot to make my own.  A pillow, a blanket, some chocolate and a stack of books was all it needed to make it a cozy little spot.


By the time I was 12, I had discovered Tiger Beat Magazine.  I needed more wall space than the little spot behind the chair provided, so I began spending more time in my room.  Why more wall space?  Because David Cassidy.  I plastered the walls with his pictures.  I don’t recall my annoying little brother complaining much, so points for him.  And I had found my new comfort zone, my new cozy place, gazing into the eyes of my forever love.



Two years ago, my youngest daughter got married.  It has turned into a custom for the wedding party to be introduced at the reception and dance into the party in a fun (goofy) way.  My daughter and her new husband decided to include parents.


My ex-husband and I have been divorced for twenty years, but we get along fine, as do his girlfriend and I.  They would “dance” in together, and I would “dance” in alone.  And we had to pick a song to be played as we were introduced.


I had a problem with that.  I DO NOT DANCE.  So I suggested what I thought was a wonderful idea.  I would get a lifesize cardboard cutout of David Cassidy and walk in, with grace and class, cardboard David on my arm while “I Think I Love You” was being played.  What better song at a wedding?  Well, that was vetoed immediately by both bride and groom and the bride’s sisters, too, if I recall.


So I ended up dancing(?) in with my ex-husband and his girlfriend, which turned out okay, but the music?  He chose “Sharp Dressed Man”.  Really?  Anyway, it was pretty pain-free.  But now that I think about it, I probably should have gotten the lifesize cardboard cutout of David Cassidy anyway.


But I digress.  Back to all things cozy.


When we’re little, we sleep with our favorite stuffed animal or doll, looking for safety and coziness before we even know we want it, kinda like chocolate.


We get a little older, and we begin to intentionally look for things that give us these feelings.


When we’re all grown up—age-wise anyway—we want our homes to feel like a big old hug when we walk in the door. 



There are a lot of things in my home that make me feel cozy, different things for different reasons.  This picture shows one of my designs with one of my favorite words, create.  When I’m creating, I’m always in my happy place.  I should make a sign that says Butterfinger, because that makes me pretty happy, too!  For real, though, I have lots of comfy-cozy things to talk about and show you in the coming weeks and months.  In the meantime, what was your absolute most favorite spot when you were a kid?  Also, whose eyes did you gaze into when you were twelve?  Who was your forever love?

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